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Wire Mesh Fence is widely used in many applications due to its various types, materials and sizes. It is made from stainless steel wire, galvanised wire or PVC wire. We also design and manufacture welded wire mesh fence, welded gabion boxes, link fence, 358 fence, razor blade barbed wire. With high quality technology and professional staff, we offer you high quality and safe products.

We not only produce welded wire mesh, but also provide technical support such as how to install welded wire mesh, how to order welded wire mesh, common specifications for fencing and construction, and the difference between hot-dip galvanised and electro-galvanised wire mesh.

Common packaging is in rolls and panels. Welded wire mesh filler in rolls: outer layer of waterproof paper and plastic paper. Welded wire mesh with a wire diameter of less than 4 mm can be supplied in rolls. Panel type welded wire mesh filler is packed in wooden packaging.


Durable: Mesh fencing is highly durable due to its interlocking steel wires that can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist damage.

Low maintenance: It requires little maintenance, and occasional washing or cleaning is enough to keep it in good condition.

Versatile: Mesh fencing can be used for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial uses.

Easy to install: It is easy to install, and the process does not require any special tools or equipment.

Cost-effective: It is one of the most affordable types of fencing available, making it a popular choice for many applications.


Security fencing: Mesh fencing is commonly used for security purposes in residential and commercial settings. It is an effective barrier that provides a high level of security while allowing visibility and air flow.

Sports fencing: Mesh fencing is commonly used in sports fields and complexes to enclose the area and prevent unauthorized access. It can also be used to protect spectators from the playing area.

Animal enclosures: Mesh fencing is commonly used to create enclosures for animals in zoos, farms, and other settings.

Construction sites: Mesh fencing is commonly used to create a perimeter around construction sites to prevent unauthorized access and keep the site secure.

Decorative purposes: Mesh fencing can also be used for decorative purposes in residential settings, such as creating garden fences or enclosing patios and outdoor areas.

Our large range of products in stock.

Galvanised welded wire mesh (after electro-welding).

Wire diameter: 0.55 mm, 0.75 mm, 0.80 mm, 0.90 mm, 0.95 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.05 mm.

Openings: 6.3 mm × 6.3 mm, 8.8 mm × 8.8 mm, 10.6 mm × 10.6 mm, 12.7 mm × 12.7 mm, 16.0 mm × 16.0 mm, 19.0 mm × 19.0 mm.

Size: 1.25 m × 20 m.

PVC coated welded wire mesh.

Wire diameter: 0.75/1.05 mm, 0.85/1.25 mm.

Openings: 12.7 mm × 12.7 mm, 19.0 mm × 19.0 mm.

Size: 1m x 25m, 1.2m x 25m, 1.5m x 25m.

Stainless steel welding wire.

Material: SS 316L.

Width: 3200 mm, 1000 mm, 4000 mm, 2000 mm.

Wire diameter: 0.5mm, 0.56mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm.

Aperture size: 16 mesh, 1.6 mm, 0.56 mm, 3.3 mm.

Aperture shape: square.

Most popular products and sizes

Black welded wire mesh 60 inches high and 200 feet in total length for pet holding.

Welded wire mesh for packing laminated glass products: wire: Ø 0.6 mm, draw wire: Ø 0.5 mm, mesh size: ½'' × ½'' (12.7 mm × 12.7 mm), mesh size (width × length) 2 m × 400 m

Welded wire openings 6.25 mm × 6.25 mm (wire 0.80 mm), 12.5 mm × 12.5 mm (wire 1.60 mm), 25 mm × 25 mm (wire 2.50 mm), 50 mm × 50 mm (wire 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm)

Aluminised welded wire mesh for baskets and top trays 3' wide × 10' long, mesh size 6" × 6", wire diameter 0.0920", SS347, bright finish, square aperture, aluminised depth 30 cm to 60 cm.

Zinc + PVC coated welded wire mesh with 50 mm × 100 mm × 2.2 mm or 50 mm × 50 mm × 2.2 mm elements, 1.5 m × 15 m rolls.

PVC coated 2" x 4" mesh.

Flat welded wire mesh panels, stainless steel type 304, 4" square opening, 0.25" wire diameter.

Temporary fence panels, No. 9, 50.8 mm × 101.6 mm powder coated green welded wire mesh, frame with 31.75 mm vertical square tube thickness, 25.4 mm horizontal square tube thickness. Structural support bar: 19.05 mm square tube.

High security rigid double wire panel fence, width 2000 mm, height 2230 mm, grey RAL 7031 colour, made of 6 + 5 + 6 mm diameter wire, opening 50 mm × 200 mm. Also available with accessories such as curved arms, gantries and hinges.

To order or quote for welded wire mesh, please contact us  and specify material, size, length, width, pattern and finish.

Wire Mesh Fencing Manufacturer