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Why Is Galvanized Wire Mesh Important?

Mar. 23, 2023

Galvanizing can be done before or after wire fabrication, for both woven and welded wire mesh types. If the individual wires themselves are galvanized before the woven or welded wire mesh, this is called "galvanizing before woven or welded material". This is usually the least expensive option (depending on the mesh or opening size), especially when custom fabrication is required.


"After galvanizing" woven or welded wire mesh, as the name implies, is done after fabrication. Typically, the mesh is made of carbon steel or plain steel and placed in a galvanizing bath to produce the "after galvanizing" woven or welded mesh specification. Typically, this option is the most costly of the two, depending on its availability, but the process offers the advantage of higher corrosion resistance. This reduced risk of corrosion is more likely to be seen at the joints of the "post-galvanized" welded wire mesh specification.

Galvanised Welded Mesh

Galvanised Welded Mesh       

Wire Mesh After Galvanizing: Welded or Woven

Manufacturing post-galvanized wire mesh has advantages over manufacturing pre-galvanized wire mesh. The reason for this lies in the way it is manufactured. Post-galvanized wire mesh can be welded or woven. After welding or weaving is completed, the wire mesh is immersed in a molten zinc bath. The zinc bonds to the wire surface, completely sealing and preventing rust and corrosion.



When galvanizing prior to fabricating welded wire mesh, the zinc coating at the weld point can be damaged. It can be burned off, leaving the wire unprotected. And these intersecting areas tend to retain moisture longer than single strands of wire.


Woven wire mesh, especially in lighter gauges like chicken wire hexagonal mesh, also has its weaknesses. The twisted areas of the mesh tend to hold moisture, causing them to rust. Immersed in a zinc bath, these wire meshes will last a long time, even in corrosive environments.

Galvanised Welded Mesh

 Galvanised Welded Mesh

The Importance of Releasing Coils of Galvanized Wire Mesh After Buying Galvanized After Wire (GAW) Mesh

Lasts a long time

Withstands rough use

Has an extra thick zinc coating

Thoroughly protects joints from rust and corrosion

More useful in areas where galvanized wire mesh would have decayed before

When you want to use galvanized wire mesh in your project, be sure to consider the advantages that GAW products offer. Consider the cost and labor involved in replacing GBW mesh that rusts quickly. Invest in a quality product. 

 Galvanised Welded Mesh

  Galvanised Welded Mesh

Benefits of Galvanized Wire Mesh

One of the main advantages of galvanized wire mesh, especially the galvanized welded option, is the much larger range of wire diameters and opening sizes available. For example, most wire mesh suppliers tend to keep openings in 4 x 4, 2 x 2, 1 x 1, and ½ x ½ inches as well as a wide range of wire sizes.


Galvanized wire mesh is popular with industrial users because of its corrosion resistance and relative affordability. Galvanized wire mesh is usually recommended for areas of a project that require fairly large opening sizes. It is worth keeping in mind that galvanizing a relatively fine mesh may clog openings, which means it is useless for several types of applications. Because of this, a 10 x 10 or finer mesh is often manufactured as a form of wire mesh prior to galvanizing.


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