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Why Is It Called 358 Mesh?

Mar. 10, 2023

358 mesh, are welded stainless steel wire mesh panels also known as anti-climb mesh and security mesh. 358 mesh is a solution for preventing unauthorized access as the rectangular spacing of the horizontal and vertical wires make it unclimbable- yet they allow visibility. Applications for the use of 358 mesh as high-security fencing include airports, rail corridors, sub substations, power plants, and commercial and industrial sites.

358 mesh is also commonly used for factory machine guards, balustrade infills, and on bridges as anti-climb fencing. The mesh is grade 316 stainless steel making it ideal for highly corrosive environments and you will have a fence that is built to last!

What Is 358 Fencing?

If you are doing research about high-security fencing, you have probably asked yourself what is 358 fencing? That's because 358 mesh is very common in high-security applications around the world.

 358 Fence

 358 Fence


What Is 358 Mesh?

358 Mesh is a welded mesh panel that is used in fencing, combined with a steel support structure. It is considered one of the best choices for high-security fencing around the world because it is hard to cut and hard to climb, but it still allows enough visibility through the fence. All of these are important factors in designing a high-security fencing system.

Why Is It Called 358 Mesh?

Many people wonder why 358 mesh is named that, but the answer is actually very simple. 358 Mesh is called that because of the dimensions and materials it is manufactured with. Apertures are 3 inches long and 0.5 inches high, and the panels are manufactured from 8 gauge wire. Similarly, you can choose 356 mesh and 3510 mesh in some parts of the world.

358 Fence

 358 Fence

What Finishes Does 358 Mesh Come In?

358 Mesh panels are almost always galvanized, but in some cases, they can be zinc alum coated instead, or powder coated after galvanizing.

While most people in Canada are familiar with galvanizing and powder coating, zinc alum is a lot less common here. This alloy of zinc and aluminum is applied the same way zinc is in a hot-dip galvanizing setting but offers far superior corrosion resistance.

Where to Get 358 Mesh Panels?

Many of the world's best fence manufacturers offer 358 fencing systems. They may have different posts and other structural design changes, but they all offer superior security for customers who want to invest in the best possible perimeter security.

One important thing to remember, however, is that while there are many manufacturers and suppliers for high-security fencing, it takes a special contractor to properly install it. These fences demand accuracy in three dimensions, and if your contractor isn't experienced, you might not get the best result.

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