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What Are the Benefits of Gabion Walls?

Sep. 15, 2022

There are many hardscaping elements that can be added to a landscape design that is both attractive and functional. One example is the gabion wall. Gabion walls can be used in the landscape as retaining walls, decorative site walls, seating walls, accent walls, and more.


Randy Jurgensen, president of Decorative Stone Solutions, based in Escondido, California,  says gabion walls are well suited to mid-century modern design because they tend to be more linear in shape and it's difficult to make organic shapes out of gabions.


The use of this hardscape structure has increased over the past few years, and if you're considering it for your next landscaping project, here's what you should know.

Welded Gabions

Welded Gabions

What is a gabion wall?

Gabion is derived from the Italian word for "cage" and is a wire container that can hold any inorganic material. They can form flexible, permeable structures that work well to stabilize shorelines against erosion. Originally these cages were wicker and were commonly used for civil engineering and military purposes. Leonardo da Vinci even used gabions for the foundation of the San Marco Castle in Milan.


What are the benefits of gabion walls?

Their design offers many of the benefits of gabion walls.

1. Natural beauty.

Gabion walls provide a sense of "natural belonging" when filled with materials excavated on-site or nearby.


When severe weather or high water levels threaten, a gabion wall will hold back the earth, even though it is constructed to move with the earth. Because water is permeable, gabion walls will not be washed away in storms.

Installation of Gabion Wall

 Installation of Gabion Wall


2. Durable

Gabion walls are made of durable wire mesh that forms the gabion baskets and keeps the walls in place. Another interesting fact is that they even get stronger over time. This is because, over time, silt and vegetation are collected as the basket is filled. The wire mesh is more than just a container; it strengthens the overall structure of this wall. As they age, these walls even form a naturally stronger and more permanent structure. In addition, some people use gabion baskets as bases for benches and tables.

3. Sustainability

Because they are not made of concrete or similar materials, gabion walls do not have a negative impact on the environment. In fact, the environmental impact can actually be improved if vegetation is allowed to grow on and around the gabion walls.  


4. Cost-effective

They are not as expensive as those made of concrete, brick, and mortar. Gabion baskets are filled with broken concrete and stones that are also available locally at much lower prices. In addition, gabion walls also require less effort and labor to form than concrete walls. If you want to build a gabion wall more than one meter high, consult a gabion wall professional. You can have a durable and beautiful wall within a low budget.

Applications of Gabions


5. Fast to build

They don't need any cement mixture in building them. All it needs is a structure that is created only once at the beginning. After the foundation is laid, they just technically lay the foundation. That's why such walls are built in a very short time. They don't even need constant cleaning as they set up each row. Fast building means less labor time and less cost. Stone, depending on the type you choose, is expensive compared to regular brick. However, the labor savings and its unique style make up for it.

You don't have to leave your home or cancel your home plans simply because you are building a wall. Such walls are durable when they are created. There is also no need to wait for it to dry before you or any of your family members can get near it. They also don't need paint or a layer of cement.


6. Drains well

Water can destroy walls, but not this kind of wall. Because of the gaps between the stones, these walls allow water to drain from them. You can control the water flow to direct it to the drain. No matter how much it rains, these walls will hold strong. They will be cleaned by the water, making them new and more attractive. But that also means you can't use them on interior walls. Water can't affect them, but they can't stop it either. This is something you should consider before building these walls.

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