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Expanded Metal Uses And Applications

Dec. 19, 2022

Since ancient times people have used stones or shrubs to build barriers to protect vegetable and fruit gardens and animals and to protect their borders. These are the ancestors of the current wire mesh. Over and above the wire mesh used for security purposes today, it has begun to become more elegant.


Expanded metal, also known as mesh, is one of the main building materials in the construction sector. The raw material of the product is cut and expanded with the help of special devices. Thus, the expanded metal product appears. Expanded metal mesh is a strong material with low maintenance.Flexible and formable. Especially the use of metal mesh in exterior facades and space design shows that these products are reliable.

Expanded Wire Mesh

Expanded Wire Mesh 

Thanks to its secure construction, it is durable and highly impacts resistant. Provides sound insulation. In addition, it has a one-piece design that requires no welding or additions and provides effective durability. Expanded metal is easy to assemble at the point of weight as it is light in size.


Sheet metal is designed by processing rolled sheets in the hot state with a press and its weight will vary depending on different factors to be considered. This depends on the area to be used.


Some terms used in the manufacture of steel sheet metal mesh

The weight of the expanded metal is considered according to certain criteria. The weight of these metals is measured by a calculator. The determined weight is very important for the strength of the product. If the weight per square meter is not high, a more reliable use is created based on the mass design.


Durability is an important term in the use of metal. This is particularly true in construction, shipping, heavy industry, and tool making. Because these areas are very important to us. Metal alloys are often stronger than the pure metal. Thanks to their flexible construction, the dimensions of products can be extended to a certain extent. This makes the products more economically advantageous.


Sheet metal, especially iron material. It is achieved by passing a thick sheet through a roll, i.e. by rolling. After the first hot rolling, cold rolling is carried out to achieve a smooth surface.

 Perforated Metal Sheet

 Perforated Metal Sheet

Galvanized steel is sheet steel with a zinc-plated surface. Galvanizing is a commonly used cost-effective method of corrosion protection. Stainless steel is the preferred steel due to its rust resistance. This steel contains a certain percentage of chromium and can therefore be referred to as stainless steel.


Expanded Metal sheets are used in industrial structures, lift protection, the food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, cement plants, dams, power plants, ship and yacht construction, social facilities, and various decorative works.


Perforated metal sheets have a very wide range of uses, although they are now commonly used in the construction sector. The greatest advantage of perforated metal sheets is their economic durability.


Expanded metal uses and applications

The strength, versatility, and other beneficial properties of sheet metal mesh allow it to be used in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications, including


Construction Internal partitions and barriers

Construction of building facades

Thickened metal security fencing

EMI/RFI shielding

Safety mesh air conditioning covers

Window, door, and skylight guards

Walkways, mezzanines, walkways, stairs, and ramps

 Bar Grating

 Bar Grating

Air intake screens

Expanded metal infill panels for all industries

Cab/truck dividers

Concrete reinforcement

Driveway and pavement grilles

Light diffusers

Anti-slip floors for maintenance platforms, billboard platforms, etc.

Machine guards


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