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Galvanized Wire vs Annealed Wire: Which One to Choose?

Dec. 24, 2022

It's important to know which type of wire your baler uses. The two most common types of wire used for strapping are annealed wire and galvanized wire. Each has different characteristics, and advantages, and understanding these differences will help you determine the right choice for you.

Annealed wire

Annealed wire is a wire that has been heating treated, or annealed, to make it softer and more flexible. This process involves heating the wire to a high temperature and then slowly cooling it, which helps to relieve internal stresses and make the wire more pliable.


There are several types of annealed wire, including black annealed wire, galvanized annealed wire, and stainless steel annealed wire. Each type of annealed wire has its own unique properties and is suitable for different applications.

 Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Wire

What is black annealing?

Black annealed strapping will appear black or dark in color and have a slightly greasy feel to the touch. With black annealed strapping you will also find that the elongation of the wire is increased by 5-10%, making it more suitable for baling materials that expand after the RAM pressure is released on the baler.


50lb and 100lb baler wire are almost always made from black annealed wire because of its versatility and elongation.


Benefits of annealed wire

Due to its unique manufacturing process, the annealed wire has a flexibility not found in other methods. This allows it to be used in applications where the wire needs to be pliable enough to allow the material to expand or stretch after baling. As a result, annealed wire offers greater versatility in use.

Galvanized wire

Galvaniszd wire is named after the process of galvanization. When the wire is coated with zinc, it is galvanized. This process takes place after the wire has been manufactured to the necessary thickness and gauge. Galvanized wire is slightly harder and less flexible than annealed wire. It also lacks the same oil coating as annealed wire.

Electro Galvanized Wire

  Electro Galvanized Wire

Benefits of galvanized wire

You can trust galvanized wire to maintain its structural integrity, making it a strong and durable choice for use with a variety of different materials. It is also not recommended that galvanised wire be left in the component for long periods of time before use. However, it is more resistant to rust and corrosion, making the wire 'cleaner' and giving it a longer life without losing any of its breaking strength.


How is galvanized wire made?

The galvanizing process allows the strapping to be used in wet and damp conditions without compromising its structural integrity. In short, galvanised strapping can and should be used when storing baling materials in locations exposed to the elements.


Galvanized strapping looks silver or metallic, has little to no oil or residue and can be used cleanly. Galvanised wire tends to be stiffer and has less elongation than black annealed strapping. Galvanised wire is the most durable and versatile of the three finishes, especially when storing bales in outdoor areas.


Which one should you choose?

The only way to know which wire to choose is to determine your application. If you need a strong and durable wire that can be used in wet conditions, choose galvanized wire. If you need a more flexible wire, annealed wire is the way to go. Since there are many applications for both types of wire, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each against the specific application.

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