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Are Gabions Effective?

Apr. 21, 2023

Gabions are cage-like enclosures filled with stones, bricks, or broken concrete to form walls or fences. They can be stacked like bricks and can be used for many practical and aesthetic reasons, such as fencing gardens or properties. Gabion baskets are increasingly being used to build walls, posts, and fences, and to divide structures and areas. Baskets are available in various sizes to create a variety of designs.

Gabion baskets are made of strong wire mesh. They are particularly popular with gardeners and gardeners. Let's delve into some of the reasons why you should consider installing them.

1. Eco-friendly

Choosing your own infill also means you can choose to use recycled materials or use local materials to reduce transport costs! You can use stones already on the land, leftover backfill material, repurposed broken concrete blocks, and much more.

2. Easy to install

Building gabions is simple and can be learned quickly. They don't usually have to be dug into the ground as their own weight weighs them down, and they usually don't require expert design or installation unless your wall is more than 3 feet high.

Applications of Gabions

3. Durable

Gabion walls are made of durable wire mesh that forms the gabion baskets and maintains the structure of the wall. Another interesting fact is that they even get stronger over time. This is because, over time, silt and vegetation are collected as the basket is filled. The wire mesh is more than just a container; it strengthens the overall structure of the wall. With age, these walls even form a naturally stronger and more permanent structure. In addition, some people use gabion baskets as a base for benches and tables.

4. Provides flexibility

Another reason why these walls have stood the test of time is that they are extremely durable and flexible. They will not break even under high pressure. In contrast, its baskets will compress or deform very slightly. This feature makes gabion walls highly functional, preventing the loss of structural integrity of the wall and making it stronger over time. In addition, they allow for small ground movements to occur, as they are not fixed to the ground.

Welded Gabions

Welded Gabions

5. Permeability

Gabion walls are perfect for reducing wind and water flow without stopping it completely and rerouting flood water elsewhere. Instead, water can pass through as a gentle trickle and strong winds can still pass through the infill as a cool breeze.

6. Longevity

Gabions are extremely durable and will only get stronger with age. As the fill material settles and the crevices fill with silt, vegetation and debris, the walls become stronger. As the earth changes during the freezing cycle, it can rise and fall completely undamaged. The biggest threat to gabion walls is the rusting of the steel frame, which usually only occurs in coastal areas with heavy salt spray.

7. Aesthetics: 

The smooth metal cages of gabion walls offer very clean, modern lines. You can accentuate this with infill material or contrast it with rustic stone for an attractive combination of rustic and modern design styles. Better still, the use of local stones can showcase beautiful local materials.

For more information about the gabion wall, please contact export@xhwire-mesh.com.

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