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Hexagonal Gabion Box

Hexagonal Gabion Box

Gabions are rectangular cages made of hexagonal double-twist wire mesh filled with appropriately sized rock or quarry stone. Gabions are used in many situations including the stabilization of earth movement and erosion, river control, reservoirs, canal refurbishment, landscaping and retaining walls.Gabions are compartmentalized rectangular containers of galvanized steel hexagonal wire mesh that are filled with stone. While maintaining sufficient strength to contain the stone used as a fill, gabions must be able to settle, twist, and conform to channel and foundation shifts.

Products description

In order to meet the various needs, gabions must have the following features:

· Hexagonal mesh pattern critical points
· Double twist to avoid unraveling
· Reinforcing wires woven into corners to reinforce critical points
· A diaphragm securely attached at the base that will prevent the shifting of some and reinforce the gabion.


1. All gabion basket are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 10223-3:2013.

2. All wire is in accordance with BS EN 10218-2:2012 and BS EN 10223-3:2013

with an ultimate tensile strength of between 350 to 500N/mm².

3. All wire used in the gabion production or accessories shall be Zinc or Zinc 90% Aluminium 10% coated in accordance with BS EN 10244-2:2009 (Class A) with an additional extruded organic polymer powder coating (grey,green) of 0.5mm nominal radial thickness. This organic polymer powder coating is in accordance with BS EN 10245-2:2011.

Optional Material:

1.Galvanized wire:zinc coating can be from 40-280g per square meter.

2.Galfan wire:also called aluminum-zinc coated wire (10% Al)zinc weight can be from 200g-500g per square meter.

3.PVC coated wire:The inner wire is galvanized wire or galfan wire,and the regular color is gray and green.

Hexagonal Gabion Box


Typical mesh wire, selvedge wire and lacing wire group

Mesh wire (mm)Selvedge wire (mm)Lacing wire (mm)
Galvanized /Galfanbasket2.43.02.2
PVC coated basket2.4/3.43.0/4.02.2/3.2

Minimum zinc coating weight of gabion wire

Wire diameter (mm)Zinc coating(g/㎡)Standard

Mesh size:

60x80mm, 80x100mm,100x120mm

Basket Size

1 x 1 x 11,5 x 1 x 1
2 x 1 x 13 x 1 x 1
4 x 1 x 12 x 0,5 x 0,5
2 x 1 x 0,53 x 1 x 0,5
4 x 1 x 0,56 x 2 x 0,3

Length, width and height of gabion can be produces as per customers requirement, which shall not differ more than ± 5% from the ordered size prior to filling.