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What Is Expanded Metal Mesh Used For?

Nov. 07, 2022

Expanded metal is obtained by cutting and simultaneously ironing metal sheets. This process creates diamond-shaped openings in the material, allowing air, fluid, or light to flow freely. This type of metal is made from any solid sheet metal, including stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, titanium, or copper.


Expanded metal, a versatile product

Expanded metal includes diamond-shaped openings, which makes it a versatile and commonly used product in areas such as decking, walkways, conveyor belts, and railway fencing. It can also be retrofitted to existing grating, flooring, or diamond sheeting and is a cost-effective solution in many areas. Below are four common types of expanded metal.


The most common forms of expanded metal used in industry are round, square, and diamond, with the diamond being the most desired form due to its ability to absorb energy and resist mechanical deformation when installed. Other aspects of the structure are indicated by the size and angle of the shape, which also affect the way the metal absorbs energy and the point at which it propagates throughout the expanded metal.

Expanded Wire Mesh

Expanded Wire Mesh 


Wire cloth can be used for many specific applications and is available in a wide range of fabrics and material versions. This type of product is an element that allows the use of different types of protection, support, and customized applications. The metal fabrics are woven together through a specialized manufacturing process in industrial production plants.

Expanded Metal as durable material for construction

Expanded metal is commonly used in the construction of fences, walkways, and grids as it is a very strong and durable material. On the other hand, wire mesh is lighter and cheaper. Thanks to the material's small openings it can pass through air, water, and light while maintaining a mechanical barrier to larger objects. 

Another point in favor of using expanded wire mesh, unlike simple metal, is that the exposed edges of expanded metal provide greater adhesion, which leads to its use for pavement or drainage covers. Metal screens are a particularly malleable material and can be used for many applications. Flexible, individual, durable, and ecologically sustainable, decorative wire mesh is available in different versions.


Expanded metal in the Construction Industry

Expanded metal is used by the construction industry as metal strips to support elements such as plaster, stucco, or adobe in walls and other structures.

Expanded Wire Mesh

 Expanded Wire Mesh


Expanded Metal in Modern Architecture

In modern architecture, metal mesh or stencil is an exposed or shielded material that can be transformed into simple or complex decorative forms. Photographic images can be printed on the surface to create textures or large graphic images that allow light to filter through the outer surface of a building.

Wire Mesh for Industry

Wire mesh is widely used in industry, transport, agriculture, horticulture, and food. The feature that makes wire mesh a versatile product is that it can be produced in an unlimited number of sizes. Depending on the manufacturing possibilities, there are almost countless combinations of pore sizes and wire diameters that can be achieved, depending on whether we are talking about woven or welded constructions.

Wire mesh in modern construction

Wire mesh offers significant advantages over traditional building materials and allows for greater freedom of modern and flexible design. Its very nature allows it to be used for a very wide range of architectural projects, starting from the interior and ending with exterior and external applications. You can create impressive visual effects that are at the same time robust, durable, and flexible. Whether it is a single part or a combination of parts, wire mesh can be customized for any building project or construction.

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