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Types of Wire Mesh

Jan. 07, 2022

There are several kinds of wire mesh. They are classified according to the way they were made, their qualities/function, and weave pattern. Wire mesh varieties named after their fabrication and/or qualities include: welded wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, PVC coated welded wire mesh, welded steel bar gratings, and stainless steel wire mesh.


Welded Wire Mesh

Manufacturers make this kind of mesh with square-shaped patterned wire. By welding it electronically, they form a very strong mesh. Welded wire mesh products are perfect for applications including security fences where visibility is needed, storage and racking in warehouses, storage lockers, animal holding areas in veterinary clinics and animal shelters, practical room division, and traps for pests.


Welded wire mesh works so well for these applications because 1), it is durable and will hold up against environmental challenges like wind and rain, 2) it will hold firmly in place, and 3) it is highly customizable. When manufacturers make welded wire mesh from stainless steel, it is even more durable.

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Galvanized Wire Mesh

Manufacturers create galvanized wire mesh using plain or carbon steel wire that they galvanize. Galvanization is a process by which manufacturers apply a zinc coating to wire metal. This zinc layer as a shield that keeps rust and corrosion from harming the metal.


Galvanized wire mesh is a versatile product; this is especially true because it is available in both woven and welded varieties. Plus, manufacturers can make galvanized wire mesh products using a wide range of wire diameters and opening sizes.


Manufacturers may galvanize wire mesh after they make it, or they may galvanize the individual wires and then form them into the mesh. Galvanizing wire mesh after they’ve already made it may cost you more money initially, but it generally yields higher quality results. Regardless, galvanized wire mesh is usually quite affordable.


Customers purchase galvanized wire mesh for countless applications, some of which include: fencing, agriculture and garden, greenhouse, architecture, building and construction, security, window guards, infill panels, and so much more.


PVC Coated Welded Mesh

As its name indicates, manufacturers cover PVC-coated welded wire mesh in PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is a synthetic thermoplastic substance made when manufacturers polymerize vinyl chloride powder. Its job is to shield erosive wire in order to make it stronger and extend its life.


The PVC coating is safe, relatively inexpensive, insulative, corrosion-resistant, and strong. Also, it is receptive to pigmenting, so manufacturers can make produce PVC coated mesh in both standard and custom colors.


PVC coated welded mesh is popular with customers with a wide range of applications. Most of its applications, though, are in the realm of fencing, since it works so well outdoors. Examples of such fencing include animal fencing and enclosures, garden fencing, security fencing, freeway guardrails, ship guard railing, tennis court fencing, and so on and so forth.

Bar Grating

 Bar Grating

Welded Steel Bar Gratings

Welded steel bar gratings, also known as welded steel bar grates, are extremely durable and strong wire mesh products. They feature a number of parallels, evenly spaced openings. These openings are usually in the shape of long rectangles. They gain their strength from their steel composition and welded construction.


Welded steel bar gratings are the preferred wire mesh product for applications such as road scrapping, the construction of safety walls, storm drains, buildings, pedestrian walkways, lightly used traffic/bridge flooring, mezzanines, and countless other load-bearing applications.


To accommodate the regulations and requirements of these applications, manufacturers weld these products with a wide variety of thicknesses and bearing bar spacing.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel mesh has all of the favorable qualities of the wire from which it is made. That is to say, it is durable, corrosion-resistant, with high tensile strength.


Stainless steel mesh can be welded or woven, and it is extremely versatile. Most often, though, customers purchase stainless steel wire mesh with the invention of safeguarding industrial manufacturing areas. They may also use stainless steel in agriculture, gardening, and security, among other applications.


Wire mesh defined by their weave pattern includes the crimped mesh, double weave mesh, lock crimp mesh, intermediate crimp mesh, flat top, plain weave mesh, twill weave mesh, plain dutch weave mesh, and dutch twill weave mesh.


Weave patterns can be standard or custom. One main distinction in the weave pattern is whether or not the mesh is crimped. Crimping patterns are corrugations manufacturers create in the wire with rotary dies, so different segments of wires can lock into one another.


Crimped weave patterns include double weave, lock crimp, intermediate crimp, and flat top.


Non-crimped weave patterns include plain, twill, plain dutch, and dutch twill.

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