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How Strong Is Expanded Metal?

May. 12, 2022

The term “Expanded Metal” refers to a plate or sheet that has been sliced and extended into a mesh. When the metal is stretched, it forms a mesh of diamond-shaped gaps – although several other patterns can be formed. Many metals, including stainless steel, hot rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, titanium, and others, may be extended.


The mesh pattern may be phased (providing the most open area) or straight with all rows and columns aligned. The volume of room for the flow of air, water, and light is determined by the proportion of open area, which varies depending on the desired use of the enlarged metal.

Expanded Wire Mesh

Expanded Wire Mesh 


How Strong Is Expanded Metal?

Because of its safe structure, it is durable and offers strong impact resistance. Provides sound insulation. In addition, it is designed in one piece without welding or additions and provides effective durability. Expanded metal is easily assembled at the weight point due to its lightness according to its dimensions.


Durability is an important term in the use of metals. This is especially true in construction, shipping, heavy industry, and tool construction. Because these areas are of great importance to us. Metal alloys are generally stronger than metal in their pure form. The size of the product can be extended to a certain point thanks to its flexible structure. This makes the product more economically advantageous.


Expanded metal can be produced from different materials, such as steel, aluminum, galvanized, and copper. Pattern and eye range size can be preferred according to request and need. Easy to rust, strong enough to be used for many years. Metal sheets, which are designed by processing coil sheets with presses over the hot state, can differ in their weight by taking different factors. This varies depending on the area to be used.

Expanded Wire Mesh

 Expanded Wire Mesh

Expanded Metal Weights

Expanded metal weights are considered with certain criteria. The weights of these metals are measured by the calculator. The determined weights are of great importance for the strength of the product. If the weight per square meter is not high, it creates a more reliable use depending on the quality design.


Support with Expanded Metal

Excellent for stone veneers, masonry, tiles, and even ceilings, expanded metal features a raised pattern to allow the keying of plaster for secure adhesion. It is used to support and reinforce areas prone to cracking such as around doors and windows, or where corners meet walls or ceilings.


All are available in coils for job-site portability, or in sheets for larger jobs. For landscaping, expanded metal support can be used to form pools, ponds, decking, and even intricate shapes for topiaries.


Decorating with Expanded Metal

Not limited to a diamond-shaped pattern, expanded metal can be formed into attractive designs to complement existing architectural elements including gutter guards, chimney caps, and building façades. Additional uses include outdoor furniture, trellises, fire screens, and shades. Paint or powder coat can be applied to maximize longevity.


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