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What Are Chicken Fences Made of?

Feb. 09, 2023

Chicken wire fencing is usually made of black polypropylene plastic or black PVC-coated galvanized steel. Here is some information on the production of chicken fences.

Chicken wire fencing


Woven structures


Metal chicken wire fencing: Small to large opening sizes of wire fencing in a variety of thicknesses and strengths. This wire fencing can be welded or woven. The woven wire is bent into shape by machine and can be knotted like traditional field fencing or twisted like traditional hexagonal wire (chicken wire). Metal chicken fences are very strong, ranging from 800 pounds breaking strength for woven wire hex (chicken wire) types to over 2,000 pounds per square foot for some welded wire types.

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Coating Types


Polypropylene plastic chicken fence: The opening size can be used as a physical barrier and ranges from 400 pounds per square foot breaking strength to 1400 pounds per square foot breaking strength. Higher-strength versions of this poly chicken fence can repel most animals running at any speed.

Metal chicken fences can be plain galvanized or galvanized painted black or galvanized then black vinyl coated. Galvanizing can be done before weaving or welding or after welding or weaving (galvanized after welding/weaving, welded joints are also covered with zinc for best rust resistance). The black vinyl coated version of this metal chicken fence is also not as visible as the black polypropylene chicken fence. It is not as rust resistant as polypropylene, but can last from 5 to 25 years, depending on the type of coating.




Some of the more common knotted metal animal fences are graded with smaller opening sizes 2"x4" wire spacing at the bottom to larger 4" opening sizes wire spacing at the top. This and other large opening size wire fences can trap animals that run into the fence and cause injury or death. Wire chicken fences with two-inch opening sizes or smaller are much less harmful to animals and are just as effective. 1"x1" or smaller metal can also be used as a chewing barrier or rodent barrier at the bottom of a poly chicken fence. Two-inch opening sizes or smaller wire chicken fences are much less damaging to animals and just as effective.


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